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Corporate Access is the leading fixed fee law-searching Specialist in Ireland. Our vastly skilled and experienced team of law searchers carry out all our searches and we deliver to our clients the most economical and efficient law searching services throughout Ireland. We are very proud to be the Law Searchers providing low cost fixed fee law searches in Ireland to Solicitors and Financial Institutions since 1995.

We are proud co-founders of the Irish Law Searchers Association Ireland.

Corporate Access with offices in Both Dublin and Waterford and through our professional and highly skilled team of Law Searchers have revolutionised the area of Law searching in Ireland through our policy of providing all clients with low cost, efficient and professional Law searching services.

Company History

Corporate access was established in 1995 and over the following years grew to become one of the largest and most successful Law Searching firms in Ireland. We introduced fixed fee closing searches to the market and now we introduce “LEGAL SEARCH BOX” the automated intelligence search system for conveyancing solicitors. The law searching services of Corporate Access have been retained for some of the largest property transactions in the history of the state. With over 900 Solicitor Firms together with Government Departments and Financial Institutions, corporate access is one of the leading law searching firms in Ireland.

In December 2020, Corporate Access was acquired by the Phenna Group (UK) who also own First Scottish Law Searchers who are the leading Law Searching Firm in Scotland. All  Directors, Management and staff remain with Corporate Access and look forward to consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations for decades to come.

Fixed Fee Closing Searches - Property Searches

We have provided closing searches for some of the largest property transactions in the history of the state and our vastly experienced and skilled Law Searching staff are always at hand to provide their expertise and advise in closing searches.

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