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Corporate Access is Irelands Premier efficient low cost Law Searchers

At Corporate Access we will comprehensively carry out each search with the utmost care, skill, efficiency and professionalism which is the hallmark of a Corporate Access search and our highly skilled and professional team of law searchers will always be on hand to assist and answer queries throughout the search process.

Property Searches

We provide comprehensive Property Registration Authority (PRA) folio, Names Index and Mapping Searches in a report format. We also carry out Registry of Deeds searches of all kinds for our clients. Our Planning reports are the most comprehensive in the market place with all 26 Counties catered for under our EXPRESS PLANNING SEARCH system.

  • Property Registration Authority (PRA)
  • Registry of Deeds
  • Valuations Office
  • Land Commission
  • Planning Offices

Companies Registration Office

We provide company and business searches throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. All data is extracted from the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Judgments, Lis Pendens, Bankruptcy, Sheriff & Insolvency Searches

We provide personal search reports against individuals and corporate entities wherever the need arises. The most common personal conveyancing searches required in the closing of a property sale are:

  • Judgment/ Lis Pendens Searches
  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Insolvency Searches
  • Sheriff/Revenue Sheriff/Receiver of Fines Searches

People/Individual Searches

We carry out all types of searches against individuals and our team of experienced Law Searchers provide clients with a comprehensive report on each search. The following are the main types of searches carried out on behalf of clients:

  • Judgment Office Search
  • Bankruptcy Office Search
  • Births, Deaths & Marriages Searches
  • Probate Office
  • Sheriff & Revenue Sheriff Office Searches



AML Regulatory Requirements

Solicitors are subject to statutory anti-money laundering obligations and are required to take measures to identify new clients and apply Client Due Diligence (CDD) procedures as well as maintain records of their identity. At Corporate Access, we look after all your AML reporting requirements. Reports available include:

  • Individual Identity Reports
  • Sanctions & PEP & Screening
  • Corporate Entity Reports
  • Beneficial Ownership Reports
  • Audit Ready Reports (documentary evidence provided)

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Fixed Fee Closing Searches - Property Searches

We have provided closing searches for some of the largest property transactions in the history of the state and our vastly experienced and skilled Law Searching staff are always at hand to provide their expertise and advise in closing searches.