Solve Beneficial Ownership Compliance Challenges

Get instant access to Beneficial Ownership, Legal Entity Identifiers, and Identity Verification reports

Our UBO server offers comprehensive KYC services with the freedom to create tailored corporate and identity verification reports for every business. Cut through complex hierarchies to verify beneficial owners. Improve corporate transparency and prevent money laundering.

Enhance Your Due Diligence with UBO

LEI Codes are used to identify legal entities on a global scale. This allows for greater transparency in financial markets, standardisation, and greater risk control, includingAutomated LEI issuance process

  • Deliver a faster, uninterrupted customer experience
  • Ensure client regulatory compliance, now and future
  • Issue LEIs to organizations, trusts, and funds.
  • G20 endorsed, 20 digit globally verifiable identification code

Identity & Verification

Our Identity Verification (IDV) solution helps you onboard customers, safely and securely by using a combination of digital, physical, and biometric facial recognition. We offer a robust and effective means for reducing fraud and improving your customer’s digital journey.

Real-time Ultimate Benefifial Owner (UBO)

UBO Service for all your AML Reports. Verify your customer in a matter of clicks! Get instant access to Beneficial Ownership, Legal Entity Identifiers, and Identity Verification reports.

Our UBO Portal is the only cloud-based platform that provides verified beneficial owner declarations from legally reliable sources. We ensure the data and declarations are made in real-time meeting your AML requirements.

Sample Reports

You will be instantly notified when the document is signed and the UBO Declaration will be created and made available in your Legal Search Box dashboard, along with all audit report and workflow report ensuring you comply with any regulatory reviews. View example: UBO Declaration Signed, Signing Workflow Evidence Report

Enhance Your Due Diligence with UBO

We have provided closing searches for some of the largest property transactions in the history of the state and our vastly experienced and skilled Law Searching staff are always at hand to provide their expertise and advise in closing searches.